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AGet.vwap() Advanced GET Studies


Returns the series or values of the GET Volume-Weighted Average Price study.
The Volume-Weighted Moving Average is the dollar volume (price X volume) divided the volume over a set period time on weighted basis.It is used on an intraday basis to determine the trend. It is also used by institutions as a benchmark to determine the liquidity of a market and also if they are getting "good" fills on their orders.


AGet.vwap( Time [, sym() | inv() ][, BarIndex ] )



Parameter: Description:Default:


TimeA string in format "hh:mm" which indicates what time the study starts calculating the current session's line.



sym() | inv()[Optional]  Function of sym() or inv() to determine symbol/interval source for the study.


Base sym/intBarIndex[Optional]  Bar index of series to retrieve.



Return Value(s)

Returns a Series Object when

nBarIndex is not specified.

Returns a single value when nBarIndex is specified.


Only available in versions 11.8 or later.

Code Example

Creating Series Example:
var bInit = false;
var xSer = null;
function main(){
if(bInit == false){
xSer = getSeries(AGet.vwap("00:00"));
bInit = true;
return xSer;

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