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AGet.williamsPercentR() Advanced GET Studies

Returns the series or values of the GET Williams %R study.
The Williams %R is a momentum indicator that measures overbought/oversold levels. It was developed by Larry Williams.
AGet.williamsPercentR( Length [, sym() | inv() ][, BarIndex ] )
Parameter: Description: Default:
Length An integer which represents the number of bars used to calculate the study.


n/a sym() | inv() [Optional]  Function of sym() or inv() to determine symbol/interval source for the study.


Base sym/int BarIndex [Optional]  Bar index of series to retrieve.


Return Value(s)
Returns a Series Object when
nBarIndex is not specified.
Returns a single value when nBarIndex is specified.
Only available in versions 11.8 or later.
Code Example
Creating Series Example:
var bInit = false;var xSer = null;function main(){        if(bInit == false){        xSer = getSeries(AGet.williamsPercentR(14));        bInit = true;    };    return xSer;} 
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