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GetJTIStudy() Advanced GET Study Functions

Creates object, which allows to get signals of indicator Advanced GET JTI in EFS scripts. The Joseph Trend Index (JTI) is based upon a trend tracking and strength algorithm developed by Tom Joseph. This indicator can be used in conjunction with the Expert Trend Locator (XTL) as a confirmation of a trend due to the fact that they are independent calculations and are not related.

GetJTIStudy( nBand1 , nBand2 , nFast , TrendLength )

Parameter: Description: Default:
nBand1 Upper band


nBand2 Lower band


bFast Boolean. Should be equal True when you want the JTI to be extremely sensitive to any change in the trend strength. This setting should be used with caution due to the fact that it can give many false signals.


TrendLength Allows to choose what length of trend the JTI should display. To choose use the follwing constants: GetJTIStudy.SHORT, GetJTIStudy.MEDIUM, GetJTIStudy.NORMAL, GetJTIStudy.LONG.



Syntax: Returned value:
GetJTIStudy.JTI Returns the value of JTI


GetJTIStudy.COLORS Returns the stength of trend, presented in the folowing values:
0 - NOISE,
1 - LOW,


Only available in versions 7.9 or later.

Code Example
Creation Object Example:
var vJTI = null;function main(){    if (vJTI == null ) vJTI = new GetJTIStudy( 100, -100, false, GetJTIStudy.NORMAL );        var iJTI = vJTI.getValue(GetJTIStudy.JTI);        var cJTI = vJTI.getValue(GetJTIStudy.COLORS);        return new Array (iJTI, cJTI);}

JTI Indicator:
var fpArray = new Array();function preMain(){    askForInput();     setDefaultBarThickness(2,0)    setStudyTitle("AGET JTI");    setCursorLabelName("JTI",0);    setCursorLabelName(" ",1);    setShowTitleParameters(false);    setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_INSTANTCOLORLINE);        var x=0;    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("nBand1", FunctionParameter.NUMBER);    with(fpArray[x++])    {        setName("Band1");        setDefault(30);    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("nBand2", FunctionParameter.NUMBER);    with(fpArray[x++])    {        setName("Band2");        setDefault(-30);    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("gColorBand", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++])    {            setName("Band Color");        setDefault(Color.grey);    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("bFast", FunctionParameter.BOOLEAN);    with(fpArray[x++])    {        setName("Fast Mode");        setDefault(false);    }    var x=0;    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("TrendLength", FunctionParameter.STRING);    with(fpArray[x++])    {        setName("TrendLength");        addOption("Short");        addOption("Medium");        addOption("Normal");        addOption("Long");        setDefault("Normal");    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("gColorStrong", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++])    {            setName("Strong Trend Color");        setDefault(;    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("gColorMedium", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++])    {            setName("Medium Trend Color");        setDefault(;    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("gColorLow", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++])    {            setName("Low Trend Color");        setDefault(Color.lime);    }    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("gColorNoise", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++])    {            setName("Noise Trend Color");        setDefault(Color.yellow);    }}var vJTI = null;var bInit = false;function main( nBand1, nBand2, gColorBand, bFast, TrendLength, gColorStrong, 				gColorMedium, gColorLow, gColorNoise ) {    if (!bInit)    {        switch (TrendLength)        {            case "Short":                 TrendLength = GetJTIStudy.SHORT;                break;            case "Medium":                TrendLength = GetJTIStudy.MEDIUM;                break;            case "Normal":                TrendLength = GetJTIStudy.NORMAL;                break;            case "Long":                TrendLength = GetJTIStudy.LONG;                break;        }        if (vJTI == null ) vJTI = new GetJTIStudy( nBand1, nBand2, bFast, TrendLength );        addBand(nBand1,PS_DASH,1,gColorBand,"nBand1");        addBand(nBand2,PS_DASH,1,gColorBand,"nBand2");        bInit = true;	}    var sStrengthTrend = "N/A";     var cJTIColor = getChartBG();    switch (vJTI.getValue(GetJTIStudy.COLORS))    {        case 0:             sStrengthTrend = "NOISE";            cJTIColor = gColorNoise;            break;        case 1:             sStrengthTrend = "LOW";            cJTIColor = gColorLow;            break;        case 2:             sStrengthTrend = "MEDIUM";            cJTIColor = gColorMedium;            break;        case 3:             sStrengthTrend = "STRONG";            cJTIColor = gColorStrong;            break;    }        setBarFgColor(cJTIColor,0);    setBarFgColor(cJTIColor,1);    return new Array(            vJTI.getValue(GetJTIStudy.JTI),             sStrengthTrend                       );}

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