ICE Data Services -, MarketDepth.ask() Depth Functions

Returns bid or ask price for the specified depth element.
Syntax DepthId, Index )
MarketDepth.ask( DepthId, Index )
Parameter: Description: Default:
DepthId Required.  Number representing the specified ID for the depth.


n/a Index Required.  Number of element in the depth.


Only available in versions 11.7 or later.
Code Examples
var depthID = null;function main(){    var SourceList = MarketDepth.getSources();            if (SourceList != null){         depthID = MarketDepth.subscribe(SourceList[0]);			debugPrintln("DepthBid: " +, 0));	debugPrintln("DepthAsk: " + MarketDepth.ask(depthID, 0));    }	    ...}
See Also
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