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MarketDepth.getSources() Depth Functions

Returns list of depth sources for the specified symbol and connection. If connection is empty, function returns all sources of depth data.



MarketDepth.getSources( [ Symbol ][, Connection ] )



Parameter: Description: Default:
Symbol [Optional] A string identifying the symbol. Base symbol
Connection [Optional] A string which determines what sources to get. n/a


Return Value(s)

Returns MarketDepthSource Object or array of MarketDepthSource Objects.



Only available in versions 11.7 or later.


Code Examples

Get list of all depth sources:
function main(){
	var SourceList = MarketDepth.getSources();...
Get eSignal sources for base symbol:
function main(){
	var SourceList = MarketDepth.getSources(null, "eSignal");...
Get Interactive Brokers sources based on external symbol:
function main(){
	var SourceList = MarketDepth.getSources("IBM", "Interactive Brokers");...


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