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GetParabolicStudy() Advanced GET Study Functions

Creates object, which allows to get values of indicator Advanced GET Parabolic SAR in EFS scripts. Parabolic SAR is a display of "Stop And Reverse" points for a particular market. When the market touches or crosses a point, this indicates that you should reverse your position. If you are long, for example, go short. If you are short, go long. The Parabolic SAR assumes that you are always in the market.

GetParabolicStudy( dStart , dIncrement , dMaximum )

Parameter: Description: Default:
dStart The number of the initial acceleration


dIncrement The number that determines how much to increase acceleration over time.


dMaximum The maximum amount of acceleration that can be achieved.



Syntax: Returned value:
GetParabolicStudy.STOP Returns the value of Parabolic SAR


Only available in versions 7.9 or later.

Code Example
Advanced GET Parabolic SAR Indicator with default values:
function preMain(){	setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_CIRCLE);	setPriceStudy(true);} var xPar = null;function main( ) {	if (xPar == null) xPar = new GetParabolicStudy( 20, 20, 200 );	var vParab = xPar.getValue(GetParabolicStudy.STOP);	if (vParab == 0) return null	else return vParab;}

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