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setDefaultFont( fontFace, size [, fgColor] [, flags])

The setDefaultFont() function was introduced in EFS2 and is designed to work in conjunction with the drawText() function. It allows you to set a default font to be used in all drawing operations.


the fontFace to use as the default
the desired size of the font
optional. the foreground color to use
optional. see Text Flags below

Text Flags
Text.BOLD display the text in bold
Text.ITALIC display the text in italics
Text.UNDERLINE underline the text
Text.LEFT align the text to the left
Text.RIGHT align the text to the right
Text.TOP align the text to the top
Text.BOTTOM align the text to the bottom
Text.ONTOP draw the text on top of the study
Text.FRAME draw a frame around the text using fgColor as the frame color
Text.BUTTON draws the text as a button (fgColor is ignored)
Text.CENTER horizontally center the text over the bar
Text.VCENTER vertically center the text
Text.PLAIN display plain text
Note: Text flags can be ORed together to combine various attributes (e.g., Text.ITALIC | Text.BOLD | Text.UNDERLINE)


   //set the default font to Arial 14-pt, use magenta a the color and apply
   //bold and underline attributes
   setDefaultFont( "Arial", 14, Color.magenta, Text.BOLD | Text.UNDERLINE );
   //set the default font to Courier New 10-pt
   setDefaultFont( "Courier New", 10 );