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EFS Development Resources

EFS is the scripting language that the eSignal program create custom studies to display on a chart or in a watchlist. The best way to learn EFS is to look at scripts that others have created. A good place to start is in your eSignal Formula Directory on your hard drive! eSignal comes installed with a large number of scripts that can be loaded into your eSignal Script Editor for review and testing purposes.

Another excellent resource is the
EFS Library. It has 100's studies from many sources.

The FileShare area contains a large number of groups that maintain EFS scripts that perform a variety of different tasks and most of these scripts are free to download and use. 

The EFS/API Developent Forum area is where you can go to get your questions answered. Be sure to use the Search feature to search through existing posts. If you have an EFS question, chances are it has been asked (and answered) before.

If you have a script that you need developed but you don't have the time or know-how to code it yourself, post your request up in the Bulletin Board area. If no one there can help you then check out the 3rd Party Developer
list for commercial support.

Javascript Resources

Javascript is a popular language and it is used in many different business applications and environments. There are many free Javascript tutorials and resources available on the web and more are being added every day. If you are interested in learning more about Javascript, just pull up your web browser and do a search for "Javascript Tutorial" or "Javascript Function Reference" and you will find plenty of informational web sites to visit.