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The Series Object is an EFS-specific object that contains a collection of data, or series, where each value in the series corresponds to a bar in an Advanced Chart relative to the specified symbol and interval.  Any of the Built-in Study Functions or Series Functions can be used to create a Series Object.

xSeriesObj = SeriesFunction( [ parameters ] )

Where:  xSeriesObj is a user-defined variable and SeriesFunction is one of the Built-in Study or Series functions.  The parameters specified would correspond to the parameters for the specific series function if applicable.


See the corresponding function reference article for the chosen Built-in Study or Series function.

Return Value(s)

Series Object.  




- Returns the base interval of the Series Object if initialized with a specified sym() or inv() , otherwise the method will return null.
var myInv = xSeriesObj.getInterval();



- Returns the base symbol of the Series Object if initialized with a specified sym() or inv(), otherwise the method will return null.
var mySym = xSeriesObj.getSymbol();


getValue( nBarIndex ) - Returns the specified bar index value of the Series Object relative to it's base symbol/interval.  If no sym() or inv() parameter is used in the initialization of the Series Object, the base symbol/interval will be the same as that of the Advanced Chart in which the formula is processing.

var myNum = xSeriesObj.getValue(0);



Only available in versions 7.9 or later.

If the chosen series function has a bar index parameter specified, a single value will be returned instead of a Series Object.

To determine if a user-defined variable was successfully assigned to a Series Object, pass the variable name to the debugPrintln() function.  If the variable is in the form of a Series Object, [object Series] will be printed to the formula output window.


Code Examples

See the code examples in the Built-in Study and Series Functions' reference articles.

See the getSeries() function for a code example of how to access a specific Series Object from an array of Series Objects returned by efsInternal() or efsExternal().


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