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drawShapeAbsolute(xBar, yValue, nShape, Url, Color, Flags,[TagName])


This function is used to draw a shape on the chart. Unlike the drawShapeRelative() function, the shape will  remain at the x-axis offsets that you specify. As new bars come in, the shape will remain in position as the bars shift to the left. The TagName parameter must be unique for each shape object that is drawn on the chart. If, for example, you call the drawShape() functions repeatedly in your script but you always use a TagName of "1", then only one shape object will appear on your chart (the last one drawn).


  • xBar:  Relative position where image should appear.
  • yValue:  y-axis value where image should appear
  • nShape:  The system shape to be drawn.
  • Url:   Optional. If not provided, pass null. If provided, a browser will load at the specified URL if image is clicked.
  • Color:  A valid Color value.
  • Flags:  Valid Image flags (can be ORd together).
  • TagName:  A unique identifier for this image object.


drawShape Flags

drawShape Shapes