Math Operations

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Math Operations


The Math object is a static class. All methods and properties are static. The Math class can not be created using the "new" operator.


Math Constructors:




Math Examples:


//round to next lowest integer

var n = Math.floor( 1.23 ); //n is now 1


//round up to next highest integer

var n = Math.ceil( 1.23 ); //n is now 2


Math Properties:

  •  E Euler's constant and the base of natural logarithms, approximately 2.718.
    • var n = Math.E;
  • LOG2E Base 2 logarithm of E (approximately 1.442).
  • LOG10E Base 10 logarithm of E (approximately 0.434).
  • LN2 Natural logarithm of 2, approximately 0.693.
  • LN10 Natural logarithm of 10, approximately 2.302.
  • PI Ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, approximately 3.14159.
  • SQRT2 Square root of 2, approximately 1.414.
  • SQRT1_2 Square root of 1/2; equivalently, 1 over the square root of 2, approximately 0.707.


Math Methods:


  • abs(nValue) Returns the absolute value of nValue.
    • var negValue = -10;
    • var absValue= Math.abs(negValue);
    • /* absValue will now equal 10 */
  • acos(nValue) Returns the arc cosine of nValue.
  • asin(nValue) Returns the arc sine of nValue.
  • atan(nValue) Returns the arc tangent of nValue.
  • atan2(yValue, xValue) Returns the angle (in radians) from the X axis to a point (y,x).
  • ceil(nValue) Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to nValue.
  • cos(nValue) Returns the cosine of nValue.
  • exp(nValue) Returns E to the power of nValue.
  • floor(nValue) Returns the largest integer less than or equal to nValue.
  • log(nValue) Returns the natural log of nValue.
  • max(aValue, bValue) Returns the maximum value of aValue and bValue.
  • min(aValue, bValue) Returns the minimum value of aValue and bValue.
  • pow(baseValue, exponentValue) Returns baseValue to the power of exponentValue (baseValue ^ exponentValue)
  • random() Returns a random number.
  • round(nValue) Returns the value of nValue rounded to the nearest integer.
  • sin(nValue) Returns the sin of nValue.
  • sqrt(nValue) Returns the square root of nValue.
  • tan(nValue) Returns the tangent of nValue.