DDEOutput Object

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DDEOutput Object


The DDEOutput Object allows EFS to output formula data to Excel via a DDE interface.



var study = new MAStudy(10, 0, "Close", MAStudy.SIMPLE);
var dde = new DDEOutput("movavg" + getSymbol());
function preMain() {
function main() {
  var vRet = study.getValue(MAStudy.MA);
  if (vRet != null) dde.set(vRet);
  return vRet;


Setup instructions for Excel:


  •  EFS formula with DDEOutput object must be running.
  •  In Excel, enter a DDE formula with the following format:  =eSignal|EFS!movavgIBM


The Excel configuration above would require that the example formula above be running on a chart of IBM.  When the DDEOutput object is initialized in the EFS script (i.e., var dde = new DDEOutput(sItem)), 'sItem' becomes the string that needs to be referenced in the Excel formula.  In our example above sItem becomes "movavgIBM".


You can create multiple DDE objects within a single script. For example, if you implement a script that calculates 5 different indicators, you could create a DDEOutput Object for each indicator (remember to assign each DDEObject a unique string identifier) and then retrieve that same information from within an Excel spreadsheet.