Volume TriColor

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File Name: VolumeTriColor.efs

Volume TriColor

Formula Parameters:
Volume Up Color: Black
Volume Down Color: Red
Volume EQ Color: Magenta

Volume is simply the number of shares (or contracts) traded during a specified time
frame (e.g. hour, day, week, month, etc).

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/*********************************Provided By:      eSignal (Copyright c eSignal), a division of Interactive Data     Corporation. 2008. All rights reserved. This sample eSignal     Formula Script (EFS) is for educational purposes only and may be     modified and saved under a new file name.  eSignal is not responsible    for the functionality once modified.  eSignal reserves the right     to modify and overwrite this EFS file with each new release.Description:            Volume TriColorVersion:            1.0  10/04/2008Notes:    Volume is simply the number of shares (or contracts) traded during a specified time    frame (e.g. hour, day, week, month, etc).Formula Parameters:                     Default:    Volume Up Color                       Black    Volume Down Color                     Red    Volume EQ Color                       Magenta**********************************/var fpArray = new Array();function preMain() {    setPriceStudy(false);    setShowCursorLabel(true);    setShowTitleParameters( false );        setStudyTitle("Volume TriColor");    setCursorLabelName("VTC", 0);    setDefaultBarFgColor(Color.black, 0);    setPlotType(PLOTTYPE_HISTOGRAM, 0);     setDefaultBarThickness(2, 0);       askForInput();    var x=0;    fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("PRICEUp", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++]){        setName("Volume Up Color");        setDefault(Color.black);    }        fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("PRICEDown", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++]){        setName("Volume Down Color");        setDefault(Color.red);    }        fpArray[x] = new FunctionParameter("PRICEEqual", FunctionParameter.COLOR);    with(fpArray[x++]){        setName("Volume EQ Color");        setDefault(Color.magenta);    }    }function main(PRICEUp, PRICEDown, PRICEEqual) {	if (getCurrentBarCount < 1)        setDefaultBarFgColor(Color.black, 0);	    if (close(0) > close(-1))				setDefaultBarFgColor(PRICEUp, 0);	else        if (close(0) < close(-1))            setDefaultBarFgColor(PRICEDown, 0); 		else             setDefaultBarFgColor(PRICEEqual, 0);          return volume(0); }