ICE Data Services -



getValue( barType [, nOffset] [, nNumBars] [,Symbol] )


Returns a data series value or values RELATIVE to the bar currently being built.


  • barType: "Open", "High", "Low", "Close", "Time", "rawtime", "Volume", "oi", "year", "month", "day", "hour", "minute", "second"
  • nOffset: Offset from the "relative" bar. The relative bar is maintained by the formula engine. It is the index of the bar currently being computed.
  • nNumBars: Number of bars to return
  • Symbol: The symbol for which to return data. Symbol may have an Interval suffix (e.g., "IBM,5")



 var vValue = getValue( "Open" ); //returns a the current bar's open value
var vValue = getValue( "Open", 0, 1 ); //ditto
var aValues = getValue( "Close", 0, -10 ) //fills array aValues with the 10 most recent closes.