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File Name: TickExtremesDaily.efs

Non-price study of $TICK that draws the Close as a line and colors the bar's background color red as the Close of $TICK exceeds the upper or lower extreme parameters.

Formula Parameters:
nTickHigh: Default is 1000
nTickLow: Default is -1000

This formula is basically the same as TickExtremes.efs but is intended to be used on Daily, Weekly and Monthly intervals. It will work on intra-day intervals as well. If you want to see high and low bars, use TickExtremes.efs.

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EFS Code:

/*********************************Provided By : eSignal. (c) Copyright 2003*********************************/function preMain() {    setStudyTitle(" Tick Extremes Daily");    setCursorLabelName("TICK  Close", 0);    setDefaultBarFgColor(Color.blue, 0);    setStudyMax(1500);    setStudyMin(-1500);}var vColor = Color.blue;var vLoaded = false;function main(nTickHigh, nTickLow) {       if (nTickHigh == null) nTickHigh = 1000;    if (nTickLow == null) nTickLow = -1000;    if (vLoaded == false) {        addBand(nTickHigh, PS_SOLID, 1, Color.yellow, "top");        addBand(nTickLow, PS_SOLID, 1, Color.yellow, "bottom");        vLoaded = true;    }        var c = close(0, 1, "$tick")*1;    if (c == null) return;    if (getBarState() == BARSTATE_NEWBAR) {        vColor = Color.blue;    }            if (c > nTickHigh) {        setBarBgColor(Color.red);    }    if (c < nTickLow) {        setBarBgColor(Color.red);    }    return c;}