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Introduction to the EFS Library

Welcome to the EFS Library.  This article will explain how to make use of this collection of open source formula studies.  This collection is provided by eSignal primarily to help illustrate various methods of creating custom formula studies.  The samples provided are for educational purposes only and may be modified and saved under a new file name. eSignal is not responsible for the functionality once modified. eSignal reserves the right to modify and overwrite these files at any time. 


On the left side of your browser window, you should see a navigation tree of folders that looks similar to Windows Explorer.  In the example below, the "EFS Library" folder is currently open, which displays a number of subfolders.


Simply click on any subfolder, or category, to display a list of formula studies.



To quickly find all formula that may be related to a key word, such as "Bollinger," simply enter the keyword in the Category Search box in the upper right corner of the page.  Please note that the EFS Library should be open in the navigation pane first.


Click on the Search button and all formula in the library that contain that keyword will be displayed.



To download a formula file (.efs) from the library, first click on the article title to open the article.


After opening an article, you will see some basic information about the formula study, followed by a chart image and the formula code.  Just above the chart image you will see the name of the EFS formula file under the "Download File:" section.


Left click on the hyperlinked file name and then select Save.


When the "Save As" window appears, navigate to the \eSignal\Formulas\Downloads\ folder and then click on Save.  Alternatively, you may create your own subfolders inside of the Formulas folder.


The formula will then be available for your Advanced Charts under the Formulas folder from the Advanced Chart menu in eSignal.  To learn more about how to use or develop EFS formulas, please visit the other resources here in the EFS KnowledgeBase.  See also KB articles from our eSignal KnowledgeBase: