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File Name: getWeeklyOHLC.efs

Returns the Weekly OHLC data with the use of callFunction() and may be used with any interval less than weekly.

Formula Parameters:
sPriceSource: No Default value. Pass "Open" /"High"/"Low"/"Close" to callFunction()

Save this formula to /eSignal/Formulas/OHLC/ and use this formula through the callFunction() function from your custom formulas to get the current week's OHLC prices.

Code Example:

function main() {
var vData = callFunction("/OHLC/getWeeklyOHLC.efs", "main", "High");
if (vData == null) return;
return vData;

Download File:

EFS Code:

/*********************************Provided By : eSignal. (c) Copyright 2003*********************************/function preMain() {}/**  sPriceSource will be "Open", "High", "Close", or "Low"   This formula is for callFunction() calls from an     external formula.        example:    var vData = callFunction("/OHLC/getWeeklyOHLC.efs", "main", "High");        if (vData == null) return;    return vData;**/var vSymbol;var vInterval;var msPerDay = 24*60*60*1000;function main(sPriceSource) {	if(sPriceSource == null) return;  	var vBar;	var vBarTime;	var vAbsTime;	var vIndex;	var nState = getBarState();	if(nState == BARSTATE_ALLBARS) {		vSymbol = getSymbol();		vInterval = getInterval();		vSymbol += ",W";	}	if(vInterval == null) return;	if(vInterval == "W" || vInterval == "M") return;		vBarTime = getValue("time");	if(vBarTime != null) {        var vTime = new Date();        vIndex = (Math.round(Math.round((vTime.getTime() - vBarTime.getTime()) / msPerDay) / 7) * -1);	    if(vIndex != null) {			vBar = getValueAbsolute(sPriceSource, vIndex, vSymbol);			return vBar;	    }	}		return;}